Fire and Water- Week 10

Posted: May 27, 2013 in general

I work with a lot with the Norse couple Loki and Sigyn. Loki is often associated with fire and Sigyn is often seen as a calming influence on him and I associate her with water. Mr. Eclectic and I were trying to come up with a devotional for them that was also attractive. There is a deep windowsill in our bedroom that needed something on it.  We decided to honor them by combining the elements we associate with each of them.



This is what we came up with. Best part of this is most of these pieces came from the dollar store. We got a large glass bowl from the clearance rack at Target. At the dollar store we found two containers of large red water beads and one of small white water beads. In the center of the bowl I put a candle holder with two battery operated LED lights inside, all from the dollar store. I surrounded the holder with the water beads. That green rose in the middle was a gift from from my husband and is actually made of wood. Here is a photo of the bowl with the lights off.


The glow it gives off is beautiful. Depending on if the beads are full of water and the angle it can be a gentle yellow or an amber light. As we lived with it the last couple of weeks we made a few additions.


We scattered fishbowl gems around the sill, added two wineglasses of gems, and moved the green rose. The white rose in front is to honor my nephew who passed away recently. That photo is for him, Mark John.



I’m Sorry

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I want to apologize to all my friends here on the world wide web. I has been many, many weeks since I posted here. Life wasn’t particularly kind during April and May has been spent trying to recover from the events. Crafting continued, as a sort of relief or touchstone during it all. Hopefully I will be posting about these over the next couple of weeks.

Crafting has always been a joy of mine. When things get particularly bad it was always a way to find a few minutes of joy. So I ask you to bear with me as a work to get back onto an even keel and normal schedule.

Week 9

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So last week I tried my hand at the Sharpie dishware I’ve been seeing around. This week I took it a step further. While I was at Home Depot picking up a few things for the house I saw blank white tiles of many sizes. I grabbed a large assortment of sizes to and add some flare and create art. My first attempt was on the largest piece I purchased, 12×12. In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday this past Sat. I made a quote board of a few of my favorite of his sayings.


I have to say that I am really happy with how this turned out. I also cannot believe the freehand drawing that I did. Normally drawing something is not my specialty, but I think these came out fantastic.I think this might go into the ever increasing pile of gifts for my future niece or nephew.


Week 8

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Here is last weeks craft. I’ve been seeing Sharpie mugs and even plates all over Pintrest and StumbleUpon. It is always black sharpie on a white mug. I really liked the look of those and wanted to take it a little farther. See I have a bit of a love affair with Sharpie in all its forms. (It’s ok. Mr Eclectic doesn’t mind). I have a wide range of Sharpie’s in various colors and sizes. I wanted to use more than standard black for this project.


I work closely with the Norse Goddess Sigyn. Her primary symbol is the bowl she uses to catch the poison otherwise dripping into her Husband’s face. I have a wooden bowl I made a few years ago as a devotional piece that is covered in her kennings (titles). At the store the other day I found a set of six 5oz bowls that I couldn’t pass up. I decided to make a few into small devotional bowls for Sigyn and the others into offering bowls. A couple hours later and much debate on color I had all six decorated. Then they went into the cold oven for 30 min at 350 F.

IMG_0384I learned several things in this process. One is that the stroke marks will show on pretty much all colors. You can either work with it or give up on filling in the color. There are certain colors that work better than others, this is a matter of trial and error. I also discovered that some colors do not come out of the oven the same color they went in to the oven.


This orange color started the project as a bright yellow. I am also planning on getting a clear glaze to seal the project on. I am going to try painting that section bright yellow before sealing it and hope it stays. I am not trying to make these into usable everyday dishes, but rather devotional pieces. If you are planning on eating or drinking out of these containers please keep the decorations away from any surface that will come into contact with food/drink or your mouth.

While drawing if you make a mistake water will remove the sharpie no problem. After baking the finish will hold up to water and gentle washing. I haven’t tried to scrub it with anything abrasive yet so I can’t say how it will hold up to that. I did find out by accident that nail polish remover will still strip the decoration after the time in the oven. I have a few more experiments to perform in terms of durability. If I discover anything interesting I’ll let you know.


Week 7

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I want to offer a sincere apology for these posts being so late. I am several weeks behind on my 52 week challenge. I have been crafting the whole time but life prevented me from posting. A cold, work issues, and a major annual convention have taken over the last few weeks. Today there are going to be three weeks worth of posts put up. Sorry for overwhelming you, but I want to catch up.

This week I wanted to try crocheting with crochet thread.  I have used many types of yarn, but never something as fine and small as thread. I made several size charm bags as well as a pentacle bookmark. I really like the bookmark because it can be worn as a bracelet when not in use in a book. I adapted it from a pattern I found here. I’m still playing with the bag pattern to find one that gets me the size and versatility I want. When I figure out which one works best I’ll let you know.

IMG_0385 IMG_0387

Week Six

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Sorry this post is so late. I though I had posted this weekend, but I never uploaded it. My bad.


So the project for this week is a goal board for the office. I wanted a visual reminder of the things I want to accomplish. Specifically to break down large long term goals into smaller tasks. It was also important for me to be able to track the goals I have accomplished. Crossing things off the to-do list has always been a good feeling and I love looking at the list grow smaller.

Everything I used was laying around the house already so the cost for this was $0. I covered a piece of foam board with wrapping paper. Then I put a piece of card stock on the top for a title area. I had a few pieces of leftover jewelry wire that I cut into smaller pieces. Using my jewelry pliers I curled the end, then inserted them into the foam board. I put one straight line of pins at the bottom of the board and sectioned it off with a ribbon for the finished tasks.

I had picked up a small pail from the dollar bin at Target to hold crafting supplies.  I hung it next to the board for a pen and the card stock tags I cut out. Now when either I or my hubby get a new goal we simply write it on a tag and put it on the board. I can’t wait to finish one and move it down to the finished area.


Week 5

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I am so happy with this week’s project.  It is a blanket for the new baby. This is also probably the largest crochet project I’ve finished yet. I was amazed at how quickly it worked up too.  I was able to finish this after work or weekends in just under 2 weeks. We are keeping everything earth tones for now. So here is my granny square baby blanket.


Week four

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This week I was very productive. I finished three projects.


The first was a crochet sackboy that I started a few weeks ago. My husband saw the photos when I first found the tutorial and asked for one. I thought it could be part if his Valentines day present. I started it early fir two reasons. One was the lack of another project. The other was that it was the first three dimensional project I’ve ever done and i wasn’t sure how long it would take me. I am actually very happy with how it came out. He wanted a mouth so I added a little one on in the end.

The second project was also for him. I made him a tiny cuthulu to sit with sackboy in his desk. This worked up much faster. I found the pattern easier to follow and the smaller size let me work him up in a day. Then again the pattern may have been easier because I had already done sackboy. These two now sit with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle penholder I made a few weeks ago. His desk is now officially nerd-tastic.

The third project was for my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first child in the fall. I found this cute pattern for a door stopper so the latch wouldn’t wake a sleeping baby. They are also easy to remove so the door can close all the way as well. These were such a breeze to whip up, about an hour for me.

All in all a great week for crafting.

Week Three

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I am going to be teaching a children’s class in a few weeks about a few sun myths and creating sun-catchers with the children. This week I have been testing a few techniques to see which ones to use. I want to have a few different options for them to choose from and to keep interest in the class.

One I am doing is the classic tissue paper and contact paper. The participants (I don’t think all of them are going to be children) will be able to use construction paper to create an outline of a design. One side will have a sheet of contact paper applied and the holes in the outline will be covered with tissue paper. Depending an the skill, interest  or whim of the creator they could also just apply tissue paper directly to contact paper without an outline.

Another method I am going to offer as long as I can find sturdy enough plastic for cheap is sharpie coloring on clear plastic. This is a fairly simple method, but can be very effective.

I’m considering offering pierced paper sun-catchers for the older participants, but I’m not sure.

There were two new techniques that I wanted try this week. One involved pouring school glue onto aluminum foil or into cookie cutters and coloring with food coloring. The problem is that this takes around 24 hours to dry and the class only lasts 90 min. I want to see if I can speed the process along with a hair dryer, but mine has yet to resurface since the move. Once I find where it went I will see if I can decrease the drying time and leave the art intact.

The other involved melting old crayons into thin sheets with an iron and then cutting out the desired shape. This did not work well for me in that the sheets were very thin and I couldn’t get them to peel off the wax paper without breaking. I was able to salvage this by simply leaving the waxed paper attached and cutting out the desired shape.

Here are two photos of the finished project. Unfortunately neither are using the sun since work and winter conspire to make me see very little of that right now. hopefully that will be changing soon.

IMG_0367 IMG_0366

Week 2

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I had a few projects I was working on this week. The one I’m sharing today is a quick and easy journal. Just a warning, I have a lot of photos for this one.

First I gathered my supplies.


I’m using metallic origami paper, a grungebook pack from idea-ology, electrical tape, plain card stock, and red star sequins (not in the photo). You’ll also need glue, scissors, and a hole punch.

Next I used the electrical tape to attach one of the pieces of origami paper to my cover. I didn’t worry about the holes yet. I’ll fix them later.


Then I cut designs into a second piece of origami paper. I used the same technique for cutting snowflakes. After the design was cut out I drew a few designs on the back of the paper. Because of the type of paper those drawings will appear as a raised design on the finished project. Once I was happy with the look I glued it down.


It looked at little unfinished so I applied another layer of tape to act as a frame. Then I added one more finishing touch, the star sequins. Not sure how well those details will show up in the picture, but I like the subtle effect they give.


After that I had to assemble the pages and back cover. I didn’t want to use the grungeboard pages as the whole interior because I have another project in mind for those. I cut plain white card stock to size for the interior. This is going to be a sketchbook/ journal and I wanted to be free to create anything in the pages. I did use one for the back cover. I left it blank because I really like the texture of the grunge board.


This us the point where I used my hole punch to put the holes in the cover and pages at once. Then I assembled it using the binder rings from the kit.


There are a few things I’d like to do different next time but not bad for a quick and easy little book.