Week 7

Posted: March 4, 2013 in general

I want to offer a sincere apology for these posts being so late. I am several weeks behind on my 52 week challenge. I have been crafting the whole time but life prevented me from posting. A cold, work issues, and a major annual convention have taken over the last few weeks. Today there are going to be three weeks worth of posts put up. Sorry for overwhelming you, but I want to catch up.

This week I wanted to try crocheting with crochet thread.  I have used many types of yarn, but never something as fine and small as thread. I made several size charm bags as well as a pentacle bookmark. I really like the bookmark because it can be worn as a bracelet when not in use in a book. I adapted it from a pattern I found here. I’m still playing with the bag pattern to find one that gets me the size and versatility I want. When I figure out which one works best I’ll let you know.

IMG_0385 IMG_0387


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