Fire and Water- Week 10

Posted: May 27, 2013 in general

I work with a lot with the Norse couple Loki and Sigyn. Loki is often associated with fire and Sigyn is often seen as a calming influence on him and I associate her with water. Mr. Eclectic and I were trying to come up with a devotional for them that was also attractive. There is a deep windowsill in our bedroom that needed something on it.  We decided to honor them by combining the elements we associate with each of them.



This is what we came up with. Best part of this is most of these pieces came from the dollar store. We got a large glass bowl from the clearance rack at Target. At the dollar store we found two containers of large red water beads and one of small white water beads. In the center of the bowl I put a candle holder with two battery operated LED lights inside, all from the dollar store. I surrounded the holder with the water beads. That green rose in the middle was a gift from from my husband and is actually made of wood. Here is a photo of the bowl with the lights off.


The glow it gives off is beautiful. Depending on if the beads are full of water and the angle it can be a gentle yellow or an amber light. As we lived with it the last couple of weeks we made a few additions.


We scattered fishbowl gems around the sill, added two wineglasses of gems, and moved the green rose. The white rose in front is to honor my nephew who passed away recently. That photo is for him, Mark John.



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