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Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Things got a little out of control with the move and then the holidays. I promise to get back to posting now that things are calming down.

For the holidays I was trying to figure out what to get my sister. She is a full time RN, mother of 3 children under 12, responsible for caring fot her husbands grandmother, and power of attorney for our 70 year old father. Unfortunatly I couldn’t get here more time or a cleaning service. I did remember that sheliked scrapbooking. I know that is a pricey, time consuming, messey hobby that she just wadn’t able to get to much any more. So I did a little research and found one of the best digital scrapbooking programs out there. I also found a coupon. So my sister is now the happy owner of My Memories Suite. Once she has a chance to play around with it I’ll let you guys know how she likes it.

Happy Solstice!


Time away

Posted: October 24, 2012 in House, personal
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Hi here. Sorry¬† haven’t posted anything in a while. We finaly got the keys for our new home! I have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks painting, spackeling, sanding, and cleaning. Now I get to my favorite (note the sarcasm) part of the process, actually moving. There are definatly some things I learned through this process.
The first is is that wall color is your friend. Hubby and I were so sick of the white walls of dorms and apts that we didn’t want a single room to be white. I also learned how difficult it can be to decide a wall color with someone who is mostly color blind. We ended with a smokey blue bedroom, pumpkin butter guest room/office, and chocolate brown great room. I love it. It makes it feel like home and gives it a great spohisticated feeling. That all said, I’m not painting this place every again on my own. With walls that haven’t seen paint in 20 years requiring 2 coats and 13 foot cathedral ceilings there is a reason it took two weeks to finish. Next time we’re hiring someone else.
The second thing I learned quickly was that every homeowner who doesn’t feel like spending a fortune hiring a handyman twice a month should learn a few basics about spackle, drywall, basic plumbing, and such things. You should also have (and can use) some basic tools like screwdrivers, drill, hammer, tape measure, pliers, channel locks, sander, scraper, level.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone has to learn new things. It’s better to get help and do it right the first time then expend all time, energy, and money then do it all over again.
The other big thing I’m learning is that details make the space. Have a nice table is one thing. Add a runner, a couple of placemats, and a platter of pie pumpkins and you make a showplace.
I’ll be posting photos of our projects as we get them finished now that we got the internet back.


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So today is my birthday. It had its ups and downs, but an ok day after all. I’m trying to decide on what my birthday treat to myself should be. I’m thinking some new canvasses and paint to create art for new (and so bare) walls. Or maybe a few nice frames to showcase my photography. What do you think? I’ll post a few of my photos later this week and the inspiration blogs for the artwork. Right now its time for bed.

One Year On

Posted: September 24, 2012 in general, personal
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One year ago today I was being primped and dressed to become a wife. Apparently my fantastic husband wanted to make it a tradition because he sent me to a spa for our anniversary. Even after one year of marriage, four of being together, and eight of being friends I still get giddy when I think about him. He is loving, romantic, funny, caring, and so much more. The future ahead looks wonderful with him by my side.
His anniversary gift from me was a roll top desk. He’s a writer and has always loved those old fashioned writring desks. I managed to find one on Craig’s list for only $35. My mother-in-law and I managed to clean it up and hide the few little wear marks with furniture markers. The roll top itself was starting to seperate from the pull bar. I fixed that with some e6000 jewlery glue I had on hand.I floored him when he saw it. Now he is helping figure out how to disguise the only real flaw. The previous owner tried to reattach the backing with a large screw and knocked off a 3″ chunk of wood in the back of where his legs go. We’re not sure which method would work best. We’re leaning towards wood putty.


Posted: September 11, 2012 in personal

This is a day of opposites for me. We remember a terrible tragdy that changed the world. I also celebrate the day the gods sent my wonderful husband into this world. I think it is good to celebrate something on a day like today. It proves that they didn’t win. We are here to celebrate and continue our traditions. While I will never forget that fateful day I will also celebrate my husbands birthday with joy. Happy birthday darling. Many you see many more in our long life together.